Monday, June 29, 2009

09 Superior Bike Fest Downhill Practice Video

Here is a little practice footage from Doug at Vio-inc of the SBF DH Track. Leading out is James, hitting some of his lines, but missing most of them, haha. Race footage to follow...

Thursday, June 18, 2009

New 2009 Gary Fisher Wingra for $5.00!!!

Here's your chance to get a fresh new commuting/city bike for $5.00!! Quick Stop Bike Shop is donating a Gary Fisher Wingra Commuter Bike to raffle off. All proceeds will go toward construction of a new trail project for the Marquette Mountain Bike Park. Not to let the cat out of the bag, but Quick Stop Bike Shop is coordinating with world famous trail builder Ted Tempany to construct a new flowing Whistler style trail for the Marquette Mountain Bike Park. The new trail will be full of berms and rollable features for intermediate to expert riders, and will mirror the ones that have made Whistler, B.C. famous.
Ted has built famous trails around the world, riding features for mountain bike films like the NWD series and the Collective's film "SEASONS", and has built competition venues such as Crankworx, Monster Park and Red Bull Rampage the Evolution. He is excited to take his experience and expertise and apply it a new flowing trail for the Marquette Mountain Bike Park.
Buy a raffle ticket for $5, you might win a bike and your support will definitely bring a great riding experience to the Region. Winning Ticket will be drawn July 10, winners will be notified by e-mail or phone.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Holy Whip Batman!!

Ride Day on June 20, 2009

How can anyone that is a fan of 2 wheeled riding not appreciate this guy. James Stewart, Absolutely Incredible.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Andrew Hanson's Surly LHT

The Quick Stop Bike Shop is no ordinary bike shop, and the people that work here are also far from ordinary. We will be featuring some of our personal bikes, some tech, some not, but just a little look inside what we ride.
First up is Andrew Hanson's LHT. Andrew races his Gary Fisher 29er around the area for us and The Fisher 29er Crew. When he's not setting a blistering time on the racecourse he's out on the Surly LHT searching for the perfect fishin' hole. Many, many personal touches on this rig...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Little Bikes Like to Fly

Here is a video I stumbled across of some guys in the UK. Great trails and big flowing style. If it were only as easy as they make it look...

Relentless Energy - Matt Priest from Dave King on Vimeo.